What is your favorite food and drink to have when you game?

I prefer Mountain Dew and Twizzlers.

  • fruit salad and green tea all jokes aside 

  • No food while gaming and only drink water 

  • I only drink water. I won't eat anything while gaming since I rather just take a break if I want a meal/snack. 

  • I don't really like to eat at my desk, but if I do then it is something I can hold and finish quickly, like instant noodles. For a drink, I either have water or coffee. If I want to stay up all night, I will make some Sleepytime Tea (as backwards as that seems Joy).

  • water or coffee. no food or snacks.

  • Water, Tea or Horlicks. No food, don't wanna get my stuff dirty or oily.

  • I don't eat anything while gaming. I drink a lot of water, so that's my preferred drink while gaming.

  • wow no junk food junkies......chips and pepsi or sunkist