What is your favorite food and drink to have when you game?

I prefer Mountain Dew and Twizzlers.

  • water and any food that isn't going to nacho dust (or similar) my fingers haha. Pretzels are pretty good

  • OG diet coke with nuts. Too many energy drinks made for gamer nowadays.

  • My typical drinks when I game would be iced coffee (purely black) and a nice can of Japanese beer. However, the same cannot be said for food as I do not want to make a mess on my keyboard/mouse, so if I have to eat, I would need to stop playing the game, and I would finish my meal/snack at the dining table. 

  • Tea and almonds with dried cranberries. Sometimes haribo gummy bears. 

  • Lmao i forget to breathe and even blink when playing, food would just be a distraction. Although, I do have coffee or water, and take a sip between rounds. 

    if I’m taking a short food break, it’s usually something that can be eaten quick and isn’t messy, like eating pasta or fries with a fork.