Can Gaming Laptops compete with Gaming Desk Top Computers?

How can Gaming Laptops compete with the much larger Gaming desk top computers? I have heard that Gaming Laptops use the APU to provide graphics where Desk Top types usually have a separate dedicated Graphics card(s). I couldn't find a good Youtube video about it. Can anybody give me a link?

  • Will confirm from having both--a gaming laptop just can't cool its components to the same level--so even if you have the "same" components, the overheating is still going to create a bottleneck compared to a laptop. 

  • No doubt Laptops the portability advantage however have you ever seen a Laptop go side to side in a gaming review where it shows the stats like FPS etc?

  • Thanks for the links.

  • Well, if you add enough external cooling, spend enough of higher specs and whatnot; yes, you can get a gaming laptop to go toe-to-toe with a desktop. However, at the end of the day it is going to be cheaper and look nicer to invest in a desktop if you want a more affordable high end gaming rig.

  • I don't see how a gaming laptop could keep up with a desktop model.   

  • That is a Big no Because the lack of space and the lack of upgrading options.

  • Gaming laptops won't be able to outperform a desktop ever. If you can put an APU in a laptop, just put one or two or three or more in a desktop. These components generate heat, and the more powerful they are the more heat they will generate which is why laptop versions of CPUs and GPUs always have lower power draw. The limited space and reduced airflow in a laptop necessitates less powerful mobile versions of the same desktop versions when used in a desktop.

  • There are a lot of gaming laptops that have dedicated graphics cards albeit the mobile version of any particular graphics card underperforms the desktop version. Laptops get hotter because they are so compact in small area. They also have lower power constraints which yield to underperforming a desktop gaming rig. I saw a test comparing I believe the RTX 3060 mobile and desktop version and the difference in performance can be up to 22%. Gaming laptops still have good performance for something portable and so compact but desktops are most likely always going to outperform laptops unless the Laws of Thermodynamics suddenly change in a bizarro alternate dimension.

  • You know the "three attributes, pick two" game?  Yeah, it's the same for gaming laptops.  You can have a powerful gaming laptop, but it's going to be expensive if you want it to be portable.  You can have a portable laptop, but it won't be particularly powerful unless you spend a ton of money on it.  If you search YouTube for integrated graphics vs gpu, you'll see exactly how that plays out.