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OpenAI, the developer of the famous Chat GPT program - which provides you with answers to many of your questions with artificial intelligence that gives you a very large correct answer in addition to a simple and easy-to-understand language - announced its release of the latest version of the program, which is Chat GPT 4.0, this version that contains many Features including:
Images, you can now add images and ask your questions about them, for example, the developer uploaded an image and showed a design for a website and asked the program to write a code for it and get it ready within seconds, more in the following link /1635747039291031553?s=20

Also, by adding a picture of a refrigerator containing many products, the AI recognized them all

Programming is not the only area of the website, it can also provide analyzes of markets, digital currencies, contract analysis and search for vulnerabilities in them, here is an analysis of the Ethereum contract in a moment, it highlighted a number of security vulnerabilities and pointed out the areas where the contract can be exploited. Then investigate a particular way in which nodes can be exploited

And let's not forget the educational field, as the Duolingo platform and the Khan Academy platform announced the provision of private speaking with artificial intelligence for education within their sites.

In conclusion, what do you think of the rapid progress of artificial intelligence, and is it really useful? And how will its impact the field of creativity and thinking?
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  • Seems more a couriosity now. But I'm interest to see how it progresses. 

  • Seems more a couriosity now. But I'm interest to see how it progresses. 

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