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OpenAI, the developer of the famous Chat GPT program - which provides you with answers to many of your questions with artificial intelligence that gives you a very large correct answer in addition to a simple and easy-to-understand language - announced its release of the latest version of the program, which is Chat GPT 4.0, this version that contains many Features including:
Images, you can now add images and ask your questions about them, for example, the developer uploaded an image and showed a design for a website and asked the program to write a code for it and get it ready within seconds, more in the following link /1635747039291031553?s=20

Also, by adding a picture of a refrigerator containing many products, the AI recognized them all

Programming is not the only area of the website, it can also provide analyzes of markets, digital currencies, contract analysis and search for vulnerabilities in them, here is an analysis of the Ethereum contract in a moment, it highlighted a number of security vulnerabilities and pointed out the areas where the contract can be exploited. Then investigate a particular way in which nodes can be exploited

And let's not forget the educational field, as the Duolingo platform and the Khan Academy platform announced the provision of private speaking with artificial intelligence for education within their sites.

In conclusion, what do you think of the rapid progress of artificial intelligence, and is it really useful? And how will its impact the field of creativity and thinking?
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  • It acts like the next logical step in search, which is synthesized information based on a request, rather than just the presentation of raw info.  That said, without the ability to look at the full array of raw info, it's hard to take the next step of asking "ok, what else is connected to this."

    Also for the people who say it writes great code.... there are some SERIOUS shortcomings in it's logic when it comes to actual low level algorithm development.  It's clearly scraped the entirety of stack overflow, but without understanding if the info on it is correct or generalizable.  

  • I think its gonna be great. Imagine all the possibilities for gaming. Ever tried AI Dungeon? A text based game that uses GPT to respond to any prompt you give it throughout the game. Combine ChatGPT with deepfaking voices and you get so much potential to remove the guardrails on open ended video games to allow for freedom within a game world.

  • Will have to see for myself but if it work's the way you say, then, WOW what a great thing this is...

  • What safeguards are in place to prevent abuse? 

  • Use this daily and trying to find accessibility uses for it. Imagine how this could help disabled people at home, at work and more.

  • Pencil AI text

    Notion AI:

    A.I. Data Sidekick: AI tool writes SQL, documentation, and more 10x faster

    Writesonic: AI writing aid

    copyAi: Writing Better Marketing Copy and Content Using AI

    Character.AI: AI human interaction

    Fireflies: This tool plugs into popular video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, or Webex and automates the process of taking notes and creating transcriptions

    Jasper: AI copywriting tool


    CoWriter: AI Assisted Writing

    Art AI painting
    Midjourney: AI painting artifact

    PhotoRoom: Erase any background, object

    Dream Maker: Just one sentence, turn your words into paintings

    ARC Lab: An online tool that provides photo repair, matting, and image quality enhancement

    Artbreeder: Artificial intelligence synthesis creative tool

    Stockimg AI: Generate a variety of design elements, including logos, illustrations, pictures and wallpapers, etc.

    niji·journey: Two-dimensional AI painting an AI tool for generating images from keywords AI image generation

    Wenxin Yige Flying Paddle: AI Art and Creativity Auxiliary Platform

    Phygital+: AI image generation AI generated PPT

    NotesAI audio Focus, Relax, Meditate and Sleep with Music Made for Your Brain

    Soundraw: Artificial mental retardation generates music

    Endel: Personalized background sounds to help you focus, relax and sleep

    Riffusion: Real-time music and audio generation library

    Papercup: Dubbing and video translation software for artificially retarded people

    LALAL.AI: Extract vocals, accompaniments and various instruments from any audio and video

    Murf: From Text to Speech Using a Versatile AI Speech Generator

    PolyAI: Voice Assistant

    Voicemod: Voice real-time voice changer

    Boomy: Artificial intelligence generates music

    Mubert: Artificial mental retardation generates music

    Film frames AI video
    Runway: AI Magic Tool

    Cascadeur: artificial mental retardation assisted key frame animation software

    Synthesia: Artificial mentally handicapped video generation

    Pollinations: text to video, pictures

    Zubtitle: Add Subtitles to Videos & Edit Videos Online

    Munch: Artificial Intelligence Extracts the Most Engaging, Popular and Influential Snippets in Video

    Fliki: Turn text into video with AI voice

    Peech: Personalized automated video editing and curation platform

    DreamFace: AI Animated Photo App

    D-ID: Artificial Intelligence Video Generation

  • GPT-3, the model behind Chat GPT Deutsch, does not have the capability to process or generate responses based on images. It primarily focuses on processing and generating text-based information.

    While there have been developments in AI models and image processing, such as OpenAI's CLIP model that combines vision and language, I am not equipped with that specific functionality at the moment. It's important to check OpenAI's official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information on any new releases or features related to image processing capabilities in their models.Chat GPT

  • Its a great thing to play around with, but sometimes its wrong. You just have to be very specific with how you ask questions.