Most satisfying accomplishment in your personal gaming journey?

What is that one moment that you will always remember when you beat a game/boss or just pulled off what was once impossible when you first started playing a game?

  • I don't have one particular moment. I have years of fond memories of gaming though. A wonderful pastime which can be shared with as few or as many as one wishes.

  • Captured every shiny Pokemon possible in the regional Pokedex for Moon legitly. 

  • Finally beating Bowser! This was some time ago, when I was very young and first learning how to play video games. Will never forget that exhilaration.

  • The time I beat the 3 levels in the Warp Zone for the Kid in Super Meat Boy. I had been trying for a long time then 3 friends came along and they all saw me beating the levels live!

  • Literally for me it is an accomplishment if I can play the game well enough to actually finish a game. So any game. Getting better though so I am hoping for more of these moments soon. 

  • No me, but my young son worked hard at Kingdon Hearts for weeks on end. When he finally beat the final boss, he felt triumphant! Such joy on a young face. 

  • I enjoyed Journey & Flower very much and hope similar games are coming.

  • Beating Krang in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gameboy game.  Such a satisfying accomplishment for a kid, especially given how long I spent grinding that game(which probably wasn't that long, but it was a long time in kid hours!).

  • Resident evil 4 when complete ada Separate Ways final boss fight. 

  • Getting 100% completion on GTA San Andreas. I have not tried that one again on any of the other GTA titles. It took me so long to complete and had do things over and over. It was frustrating at times, but very gratifying at the end.