Most satisfying accomplishment in your personal gaming journey?

What is that one moment that you will always remember when you beat a game/boss or just pulled off what was once impossible when you first started playing a game?

  • Just enjoy gaming and having fun improving skills/levels.

  • I have a wife!   I somehow kept her and my gaming life at the same time.   Joy

  • Haven'thad a moment like that ...   yet!!!

  • Almost Finishing a Game, and suddenly losing all the data.

  • I think one of my most satisfying accomplishments in my gaming journey was when I 1-credit-cleared Touhou 12 on Hard. I've done debatably harder things like Touhou 11 on Lunatic, but Touhou 12 is one of the hardest SHMUPs out there, and I love it despite my struggles.

  • Beating the original Metroid for the first time back in the day. Not only was the game a confusing labyrinth, but I had a ridiculously tough time with Mother Brain and kept getting killed by her. I was elated when I finally was able to beat her... though nowadays, it seems so easy, hahahaha.

  • This is a pretty hard question. 00 mode on Goldeneye was not easy. 

  • Beating Elden Ring as a first time Souls player

  • When I mastered the infinite jump glitch in Ape Escape 1 for the Ps1. Naturally this technique is used in speedrunning which I am NOT a pro in, but just being able to do the glitch with the slingshot is really tough ESPECIALLY when you need to do it at the drop of a hat and consistenly, this technique is also known for DESTROYING controller shoulder buttons lol.

  • For me, It was a tie between 2 games: Ghosts & Goblins and Contra on original NES. As a kid, these were the hardest games I remember playing and being determined to beat. They were more challenging than any schoolwork or sport I played as a child and when I finally beat them I felt like a king on his throne. I remember bragging about it in grade school for couple weeks. The icing on the cake was finding a secrets in Ghosts & Goblins like the Ultimate Sacrifice ending or summoning the angel that turns into a frog by allowing him to hit you. Such a brilliant game with absolutely genius game design.