Most satisfying accomplishment in your personal gaming journey?

What is that one moment that you will always remember when you beat a game/boss or just pulled off what was once impossible when you first started playing a game?

  • MegamanX 3, when I played it from start to finish with only one life! That was pretty amazing!

  • Pantheon of hallownest. An hour+ long slog into one of the most BS bosses.

  • Don't remember the name of the mission now, but collecting all the Gwent cards in Witcher III was a labor of love...

  • Oh boy, the feeling of accomplishment when I managed to defeat Senator Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising. Even though, Senator Armstrong did kick me around several times.

  • Lich King on heroic mode in World of Warcraft!

  • God of War on God Mode. The fight you end up splitting between giving your health to your family while at the same time fighting the many clones of yourself. I spent so long trying to beat it and got so frustrated I stopped playing it. A year later I see the game, think to myself "hey I should give this another shot" then end up beating that stupid level the first try. lol needless to say I wish I had tried it again sooner. 

  • Somewhere I still have the VHS tape on which I recorded myself beating Sonic the Hedgehog 2. So proud. Lol

  • Make a big city that carries more than 150K citizens + Conquer the world in Knights of Honor and Hearts of Iron iv

  • Building my gaming was my biggest accomplishment in gaming.

  • Playing Left 4 Dead 2 with friends and finally after months of trying. One shotting everyone off the bridge with the Charger infected lol.