Tips for job interview

Currently applying to a few jobs and I have an interview scheduled soon. Any tips?

  • Knowledge of the company and industry is helpful. It shows initiative on your part to the interviewer.

  • speak Cleary, get there early , have an idea of what you wan tot get out the company and give to the company

  • Be composed and don't avoid eye contact. If you get nervous arrive earlier than you plan so you have time to go to the bathroom. 

  • Don’t be nervous. Easier said than done .

    BUT : all they’re trying to do is get to know you and what kind of a person/character you are. 
    experience and knowledge wise you already hit the mark , otherwise they would not invite you to an in-person interview.

    All you will do and that will matter to the interviewer is you introducing yourself, talking about you as a person and your life, just getting to know you. And who could do that better than you yourself ?

    on the other hand , and depending on the job, you should ask more in depth questions about the company that you can’t find on the website .

    Hope that helps , and good luck !

  • Take a moment to reflect on the questions.