Why isn't Lenovo being pushed as a more reliable brand?

When I was really following TSM for League of Legends the last iteration of the team I watched had a partnership with Legion, this is the only professional partnership that I've seen but then again I do not watch a ton of pro league for any games anymore. What I want to know is why others aren't trusting Lenovo's pre-built rigs. I've purchased 2 of them now, the C530 Cube and the 5i Gen 7 tower, they have put in so much work for me and I'm grateful to have even found Lenovo as a brand. 

  • Overall Lenovo's products have been reliable to me. Just a bit of a bummer about the ram speed running lower than advertised on both of the Legion 7i desktops I bought, included the newest 8th generation. Would have thought this would be resolved by now.

  • Need to put more money behind development and builds.

  • Their commercial advertising is bad Vs other companies

  • Most likely marketing. I don't see many ads of Lenovo products compared to other tech brands. I've owned a Lenovo laptop before and it lasted me for a very long time. Out of everyone I know though, only 1 person owned a Lenovo laptop. Probably one reason it isn't pushed as a reliable brand is because there aren't enough people doing it.

  • It needs a campaign like Asus or one of the bigger gaming companies. Lenovo reminds me of tablets, headphones and laptops for business and home. We know it's a gaming company but most don't and that's has to change. 

  • many of the teams take sponsorships early on they don't really go for quality

  • My entire company uses Lenovo laptops. I think they have a good reputation, and it's one of the reasons I trusted them with my first gaming laptop.

  • I feel like these are great products, but they're just not marketed enough. I know multiple folks who have gone the Lenovo route that swear they're now brand-loyal for life...would be great to see that be a more prolific perspective!

  • I think a lot of folks think they can build something better themselves, And/Or they want specific features not in the pre-builds.   Desktops Owners for sure, are experts in tweaking and modifying systems!

  • Probably the marketing