First game you ever played on a computer

hi all,

For me it all began on a Commodore 64. My father bought it for us when we were living in Canada. My first game ever was called Greenhouse. You were that florist and you had to whack all those weeds away. You had to make sure the flowers would grow by managing the sprinklers. I realize I'm probably much older than most people here though which is embarrassing. Anyway that's my game.


  • The Oregon Trail. OG.

  • pinball on windows lol

  • It's been a while so it might not have been my very first game on a computer but the earliest memory I have was playing Age of Empires.

  • Think it was Tetris on a computer at my dads office.  Either that or a basketball game (can’t remember what it was called) on my first computer.  My dad picked me up a Magnavox PC from Radio Shack.  Was hoping for a Tandy but the Magnavox was cheaper I guess.

  • Hard to remember because computers were a part of my classroom from elementary school. We had learning games and titles like Carmen San Diego and Oregon Trail. 

  • Like many people, it was Oregon Trail but the MS-DOS, green screen version. The interesting thing though is playing the NES in color, only to go and play on a computer in green on a black background. Sweat smileJoy

  • First one that I played I think was one that I created using the Basic computer software language.  It was simple and involved the figure making a basket.  Had to create the game for a class assignment.

  • Max Payne as I remembered

  • That'd be a few decades ago for me. Starflight - a planetary exploration & battle game with an alien crew. It was open world, before open world was a thing. The game had hundreds of planets to explore. 

    Might be a nice game for updating.