First game you ever played on a computer

hi all,

For me it all began on a Commodore 64. My father bought it for us when we were living in Canada. My first game ever was called Greenhouse. You were that florist and you had to whack all those weeds away. You had to make sure the flowers would grow by managing the sprinklers. I realize I'm probably much older than most people here though which is embarrassing. Anyway that's my game.


  • Must have been some sim game, way back in the day. Possibly Roller Coaster Tychoon or similar.

  • I think it was an a Suitcase Sized COMPAQ computer with floppy discs, no HD, and a monochrome dot matrix display...  PONG?

  • mine probably was tory story 2 for pc!

  • The first I can remember is Chess on my 5150 IBM that I got very used.  Had a green monotone screen.   Prince of Persia and Joust were some of my favorites back then.   How far pcs have come...

  • Oregon Trail on the Macintosh b/c of school lol.

  • I'm relatively young, so it was probably some flash game on a website like miniclip or something.

  • Unless Pong or Atari Combat count, it would be Flight Simulator on the TRS-80. Tho I "played" LOGO on the Apple II a few minutes before that - I don't think that counts as a game. Yes, I'm old. Lol

  • Astroids... Yeah I'm old...   lol

  • Commodore, as well, for me. It was PET at school and we played a language game that was Star Trek based where you hunted Klingons. We had to use a cassette to load the program. We got a 64 soon after!

  • Probably the original Lemmings or Space Quest 4.