On the go gear or laptop/tablet accessories.

I was thinking of those "What's in my bad?" videos on Youtube. Without getting too personal, what does your OTG "loadout" look like when you're taking your laptop somewhere or maybe trying to travel light with your electronics? I've been looking into a nice sized portable charger, but I typically have a charger, a few thumbdrives for transfer between computers/workstations and my phone. I have a nice daypack that works great with my tablet and some personal items to make commuting easier. Do share if you're comfortable or have some items you can't do without when you're on the go or traveling with your laptop/tablet.

  • We have to have a mouse for our laptop when we go on vacation as neither of us is fond of the trackpad.

  • Backpack to fit everything is the best for me. I don't like to manage multiple carry-on. My backpack has a specific pocket for the laptop with some more space for tablet or anything else I want. The regular stuff go in the front. 

  • I always take a wireless mouse, some extra batteries and an external hard drive.

  • Hey SOC, when you're traveling with your laptop or tablet, there are some things you should definitely bring with you. A portable charger is a must, along with charging cables, headphones, and USB flash drives. It's also a good idea to pack a travel adapter, notepad and pen, water bottle, snacks, and your wallet. Remember to pack light and only bring what you need so you don't end up carrying too much weight.

  • I always have my laptop, my tablet, charging cable for the laptop and USB for the tablet, and them I will usually also bring along my 8bitDo SF30 Pro and a pair of earbuds so I can get some ging in if time permits: )

  • I have to have a Chrome bag that has padded sleeves for my laptop and tablet. I will also carry a charger and a mouse with me with any other necessities I may need. Just remember to pack light. 

  • A Good Multiport charger with a decent size cord.

  • I use carrying cases designed for my gear. Any accessories have to fit in there too. Cases are good for storing my gear at home. I keep everything in their cases until it's needed.

  • I try to carry light when it comes to accessories so just a compact mouse, a headset, chargers for my phone and watch and that's about it.

  • a wireless mouse and a powerbank that would be a good edition