Any good browser games out there ?

What browser games are good to kill some time ?

  • "worlds most hardest gam" may seem like a joke but it can be fun

  • smashkart dot io is pretty casual and you can easily play with friends

  • I like playing the t rex game on chrome when there is no internet lol.

  • I would suggest 13 Days in Hell  Extremely challenging, fun, and exciting.  If you google the games name, you'll find it free on several websites.  Enjoy!

  • I would say Diner Dash is a good browser game to play just to kill some time. 

  • It's really more of a joke, but I never get tired of seeing my dude grow in Progress Quest. You don't have to do much more than open a browser window...but there's just something about it that appeals to this old RPG nerd 

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