Game Adaptation

Alright so this might have been asked before, but I'm curious to see what everyone thinks. What not so talked about anime, book or movie do you think would make a great game with some real effort behind it. I like the idea of games made from anime, but feel I feel like I see either the same template or just something super casual with them. 

I would LOVE a World Trigger adaptation. There was a mobile game released in Japan after it first came out I believe. I think that with all the characters and fighting styles they could make it into a serious MMO of some sort. Going through the rankings just starting out with training levels until you get good enough to make it into a higher tier for rank wars. Fighting some lower level neighbors when invasions occur. you could even have it be countries as the "neighbors" with events. I'd love to hear if anyone else has ever thought the same about a different series. At the very least finding a new series to dive into would be great!

  • an avatar fighting game could be dope like a dbz fighter

  • I'd like Game of Thrones in a Total War game. Modders are probably already on it. They nailed it with the GoT Mount & Blade game. 

  • I would like an open world my hero academia type of game.

  • There is a manga/anime title Aria. The manga took place in a future in a planet call Neo-Venezia (Venice) and a girl coming there and becoming a gondolier. So there is no action or anything but just a story about taking a person and giving a ride to that person. Listening to people and taking etc.. Think of it as something like Coffee talk sort of thing. I guess it might not be great sell if they make it but I want to see something like that. Just a side note, I don't think there are female officially licensed gondolier in Venice so it is pretty interesting that the author made all of gondoliers girls :D

  • ahh that'd be pretty interesting. I feel like that would like that would be an unexpected indie hit with a lot of the more casual games that are relaxing you can just dive into. Thanks for a new anime to look into as well!

  • Ha I can see that being a pretty sweet environment to play in. Villains and heroes against one another, it would definitely be interesting with the quirk aspect. 

  • Nice, I had to look it up, but that's a pretty sweet mix. 

  • That would be pretty sick! Last air bender right? I mean that's the first avatar that comes to my mind lol. The fight scenes in that show were incredible. I don't think there was anything else that well animated at the time. Maybe a mortal kombat deadly alliance arena movement, but based around the avatar characters and abilities would be a nice combination. 

  • I second a GoT game.  Surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

  • I will say the horror novel genre is a hidden gold mine that should be adapted into video games. You can probably turn Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes into a fantastic co-op horror adaptation. Have a loose adaptation with visuals similar to Psychonauts or Lost in Random and you will have my dream game.