Favorite Social Media

Witch is your favorite social media and why?

  • My favorite is Pinterest because it just seems more mature and and focused on teen influencers.

  • My favorite social media platform has to be Tiktok. Endless scrolling with curated content. I get lost in the app for hours unregretably. I learn so many new things and it makes me laugh :)

  • instagram don't hav any pics up but it is entertaining 

  • My favorite is YouTube, it's a one-stop for social media. Information, clips, and movies. You tube has an excellent variety.

  • I like being on Tiktok because I love to laugh, be informed, shop small businesses. 

  • Twitter and Telegram since they are more easy to used for me.

  • Honestly, none. Social media has it's legit uses but at the same time it can easily become a springboard for toxicity and vitriol, so as a general rule I don't engage in it and prefer to just go about my business.

    I see that Youtube is in the graphic above but I don't consider it social media. That's the only one I really use though. I like to follow gaming news and content on there.

  • I think Discord is best for smaller groups

  • Probably use Facebook to stay connected with folks.  Do NOT use TikTok as it ends up being a time waster,

  • I'm thinking probably Twitch since I like watching streams now and then.