Games for non-gamers

Does anyone have any good suggestions on games o can play with my wife? She really doesn’t like competitive games, but oddly likes playing things like COD. She’s also not a very big fan of fantasy. 

  • Borderlands! My wife is also.a non-game, but she absolutely loved the characters in the series. Maybe similar enough gameplay to COD? Whatever you do...good luck! The struggle is real!

  • Yes, something with strong characters in it, as opposed to just a lot of action and anxiety.

  • Stardew Valley! It's retro styled, super relaxing but surprisingly deep. I think she'd love it, and if she doesn't then you've eliminated a pretty huge category of games which would help find what she does like much quicker. It's a win-win and even available on mobile now. 

  • As far as co-op, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 4, Sniper Elite 4 and Unravel 2 ( Co-op puzzle platformer)  are all pretty fun playing with someone else. I used to love flying around the map in Far Cry 4 with my girlfriend looking for outposts/base to liberate or infiltrating a base while one of us on a rampaging elephant and the other in a gyrocopter wreaking havoc on the the entire outpost. Borderlands 2 is also an absolute blast with friends.

  • fall guys, sims 4 or char driven rpg like red dead or witcher, mass effect etc......

  • Cant go wrong with a open world survival game, recently been hooked on Subnautica once more.

  • I mean it's not a FPS but Portal was always a fun one to play couch CO-OP on. Though it has been known to test some marriages lol.

  • For cooperative games, I would recommend It takes two, Portal 2, Degrees of Separation, and Cuphead 

  • It's take two is nice game.