Do you have a  What do You collect? or what you would love to collect?

  • Pin, i started with disney park pins and then i look for pins everywhere

  • I have a State Quarters Collection I only need a few more to complete it.

  • I collect action figures, anime figures/statues and some funko pops. In action figures, I have mainly collected marvel comic and ghostbuster figures and love the Dragonball Z statues from Banpresto Grandista. I have picked up some funko pop exclusives from Toysrus, Walgreens, etc... over the years. Biggest portion of my collectibles are action figure though some of which are kind of rare. ZeusCell that is an impressive collection of Funko pops. Funko pops are really cool collectibles. Love the huge range of pop culture they cover and the gratification of hunting for a particular Funko pop that is hard to find is awesome when you finally find it. Kudos.

  • I collect antique/vintage woodworking tools - chisels, hand planes, saws, drills, etc.

  •  I only need a few more to complete it

  • I use to collect shoes but I started to lose interest and run out of space. Not sure if I'll ever get into collecting again due to how limited I am in terms of where to store them.

  • My biggest collection is comic books. I try my hardest not to get too sucked into materialistic collections, although I do love all sorts of figures and collectibles in general, but I end up feeling guilty about where else I could spend the money for something more useful/meaningful or even sometimes feel guilty for taking part in the monstrous (and even disastrous) materialistic machine we all are a part of. 

  • I collect old games. Would love to collect Pokemon plushies (sitting cuties to be more specific), but those require too much money and space. 

  • I would love to collect old Spanish dubloons.