Do you have a  What do You collect? or what you would love to collect?

  • Pocket knives, LED Flashlights, Cacti, etc...

  • My wife and I collect bourbons together. We're running out of space to put them all. Also, I tend to collect regrets...

  • Old retro video games (specifically Nintendo, but anything pre-PlayStation 2 is fair game) and classic LEGO space sets. Very expensive collecting these days...glad I have no kids!

  • I just got into collecting mechanical keyboards.

  • I started collecting some the office merch.

  • I definitely have a collector's OCD. Thankfully I I'm able to control it somewhat because collecting can be expensive. I collect comics and video games. I know I'd start collecting Funkos if I ever bought just one so I've shed away from them for my own benefit.

  • Memories...., I collect memories.

  • I love to collect guitars, I can play them anytime and they hold their value!

  • I used to travel to China for work,,, And now have a collection of Tea Pots.  Just need some good oolong or tei guan yin tea for them.

  • I collect US coins.  I've got full books of Lincoln pennies, Jefferson nickels and Roosevelt dimes. I have a partly full book of pre state quarters, coins before 1965 are hard to find because of their silver content. I've also got probably 30 mint sets and a few other rare coins.