Do you have a  What do You collect? or what you would love to collect?

  • I collect horror books. It was more expensive than I thought going in, but it's been fun. 

  • I have a fee coins and some silver certificates i have collected over the years. I also have some old baseball cards but I dont think they are worth much nothing major just those old cheap packs from flea markets. 

  • Memories and experience...

  • Nice collection I collect old coins

  • I use to collect postal stamps and some old coins if I came across an interesting one.

  • Books, used to collect comics, stamps, old video games, would like to collect gundams and funkos

  • I collect a lot of different things and a lot of people think I am strange for collecting most of the things, one thing I like to collect is monster energy cans specifically the zero ultras I like to keep them after I drink them just because of how they look and I want to have a lot of them. Another thing I collect is the top of the monster cans I would get them and put them in a little plastic bag just because I wanted to. Another thing I like to collect is books and movies this is something I love to get because it is something I actually like to do. I always go to my local book sale and pick up a few movies and a few books every time I go. Another weird thing I like to collect is seed packets for when I start up a garden but I have thousands of them and I think I have to many now.

  • I like to collect vintage cameras love the look