Favorite game(s) of all time?

What's your favorite game of all time?

If you can't pick just one... what's your favorite running series?

For me, it's gotta be Halo Reach! It's got an amazing story, great multiplayer, timeless music, even forge mode - the whole package!

  • My favorite game of all time is Star Wars empire at war which is a real time strategy where you control your ships and ground units and real time against an enemy base and have to conquer the whole galaxy. The mod community is awesome and is super active for the game being over 15 years old 

  • Dark Souls, for all the obvious reasons.

  • Reach is definitely a good one. I'll throw in some classics since I'm an old:

    * All-time Favorite - Chrono Trigger (SNES) - This hits on all levels and is one of the best RPGs on SNES. Time travel adds another level of complexity and world-building. I play this on my phone in boring situations (planes, long meetings, etc)

    * Keeps pulling me back in - GTA (all of em) - The open world in GTA games is unparalleled. GTA 5 is incredible. The antics you can get into with multiplayer custom games is so fun. These games also feature some of the best driving gameplay ever, so sometimes I just drive around the city and cruise.

    * Pick up and play when you are crunched for time - Rocket League - I've recently gotten back into RL and it is so fun, even though I'm terrible. Just the idea of RC cars flying around and a big metal soccer ball, I love it. Happy to play with anyone!

  • Fallout: New Vegas is easily my favorite game. I'm a huge fan of westerns and post apocalypse themes so it's the perfect storm, Obsidian really knocked it out of the park with that game.

  • RPG - Final Fantasy and XenoGears

    Fighting Games - Tekken 

  • Super Metroid.  It's one of the first really perfect games that even holds up today.

  • AMAZING game! Just played through the first time recently!

  • Love Command & Conquer Generals and Total Annihilation! Really wish there was an influx of new RTS games that are decent!

  • castlevania symphony of the night.

    I think I even went as far as to mod my PS1 to play the JAP version years ago. 

  • Ooo classic - what did you think of the netflix series?