Favorite game(s) of all time?

What's your favorite game of all time?

If you can't pick just one... what's your favorite running series?

For me, it's gotta be Halo Reach! It's got an amazing story, great multiplayer, timeless music, even forge mode - the whole package!

  • Ah still looking for a new one? Tried Northgard?

  • Great pick! Thoughts on the more recent fallout games? I heard 76 was on a redemption arc....

  • Oh nice! Is it mainly played on PC then I'd guess?

  • Fantastic! They set the right tone. And the action with story telling was just right. 

  • Crissaegrim IMBA weapon Grinning

  • Guild Wars 2 & Knights Of The Old Republic , I'm a bloody MMO slave .

  • Guild Wars 2 is amazing!

    You think they'll ever release a GW3? Stuck out tongue

  • Minecraft-all the mods. Lots of creative avenues to travel. Very relaxing unless you're in combat.

  • They probably wont , ain't gonna stop me from hoping for one though .

  • Lol , the game that made me dream of blocks for weeks .