Favorite game(s) of all time?

What's your favorite game of all time?

If you can't pick just one... what's your favorite running series?

For me, it's gotta be Halo Reach! It's got an amazing story, great multiplayer, timeless music, even forge mode - the whole package!

  • When I open my door in the morning after an all night gaming session- I look for creepers. LOL. the game is habit forming. Games are habit forming but fun.

  • I loved fallout 4 and 76 is a lot better but I don't play it much because I don't have anyone to play it with unfortunately. Also I've been having too much fun with mods on F4 lol.

  • I will have to go with Halo 3 personally! I spent countless hours playing custom games and co-op campaign with my friends, back when I could hop on and see 20 people online all on Halo. I do have mid trauma from getting sniped by Jackals on Legendary difficulty in the campaign, but no pain no gain right?

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    I don't have any series that I enjoy like that I tend to just like the games individually as sequels/other parts often seem to not hold my interest.

    * Doom (1993)

    The game itself is a classic for all time. The ability to mod, self host online matches, port to any and all systems and more make this game a must play/own for me. All of my children have played it and now some of my grandkids are enjoying it as well. This game is a must install for me when I build new rigs or get new laptops.

    * Fatal Fury Special (1993)

    One of the best fighting games of all times, IMO. It's the first fighting game to have a hidden character and confirm a crossover universe setting with Art of Fighting and The Last Blade series. To this day I attend locals where this game is still featured or offered as a side game. Another must install for me. Really glad DotEmu.and Humble Bundle brought it to computer gaming officially back in 2015 since it added a lot of new players to it from fightcade to locals.

    * Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (2006)

    One of the few single player games that can hold my interest after all these years. I played the original it was based on from 1997 til the wheels fell off and the new one came out. Another must install for me.

  • My favorite 3 games of all time are Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky, and just about every Doom game. I love that No Man's Sky, and Elite Dangerous there is no end. No impossible boss battles, and you're  given so much to see you couldn't possibly see i a lifetime. GrinThumbsup

  • I probably wasted most of my time between either WoW or Modern Warfare 1.  WoW for me was in-depth, and trance-inducing.  I could sit at the computer for hours and have non-stop fun.  Skyrim was a close second but had too many glitches and the main story line seemed to drag on

  • For me it has to be the Mass Effect Trilogy hands down. Has everything I could ask for in a game series...

  • Max Payne is my favorite game

  • Don't you just love it when they never reply to your questions? 

  • The memes of that are hilarious.