Most efficient way to clean and protect your computer and remove dust?

I was just wondering what was the most efficient ways to make sure your computer stays protected from scratches and dust. How do you protect you computer from dust and scratches? I know there are screen protectors and stuff, but I would like to take extra precautions to keep my future computer looking new.

  • compressed air duster works wonder to clean away dusts touchless, use the electronic ones might be a little more eco friendly than canned ones.

  • Dust off the area your computer sits in to prevent dust from getting in the pc to begin with. Also, compressed air is good when cleaning the pc is necessary, if your pc is a laptop make sure to not blow into the vents for too long to avoid damaging the fans, just do that in short bursts.

  • 3M cleaner for screen

  • For screen use dry cotton cloth

  • Regularly clean the room you have your set-up in. I started cleaning daily and noticed that my computer gets significantly less dusty now. 

  • Canned Air, or if you live in a super old house like me def a air purifier for dust, and for the screen I use the Zeiss wipes they sell for glasses.

  • Vacuum the room your computer is in at least once a week, more often if you have pets or smoke.  Also buy an air purifier, HEPA preferably, for the room your computer is in.  

  • Make sure your case has dust filters and that they are set up correctly, if it doesn't then you can add your own but it would be best to buy a case that has some preinstalled anyway, clean them when they look dirty. Setting your fan curves to a low speed or completely off at low temps helps a lot to prevent dust buildup because spinning fans throw dust into your case. No matter what you do though some dust will come in regardless so you should open up your case and clean the components every 6 months or once a year.

  • In my experience, I start by using the compressed air duster can to blow away the dust before wiping it with a soft cloth. Whenever I am done using my laptop, I place it inside my backpack to lessen the amount of dust accumulated compared to if I leave it out.