Education & Virtual Reality.

When it comes to Education what shall we see Virtual Reality Going?

  • very little i'd guess, people didn't really like remote instruction and online learning has higher grades with lower student retention, so virtual reality will probably be similar. We have a pretty hard bias towards physically being around other humans. But who knows, it may have some pretty useful niche applications

  • I hope that doesn't become a thing. We're already recluse enough. 

  • I think it depends on what kind of education. I think in general it won't be adopted as a standard but for training purposes or collegiate sim applications maybe. For instance, I could see it being used in a Physics/ Astronomy class to help grasp abstract concepts in the field on a university level. Primary schooling including high school have low enough budgets from their states as it is and seems to be getting worse so I just don;t see it being approved by districts which is probably for the best. Children and adolescents need more human engagement in my opinion. 

  • I think there is potential for engineering training, as somethings are easier to learn with seeing but are not feasible to have on site.

  • I'm surprised schools don't use this as a learning tool for virtual classrooms. Could we see Ready Player One in the future? Students could go to school from anywhere in the world and attend with virtual characters.

  • Being different places and experimenting. You could see the inside of the cell or travel through space and have real problems to solve using the theory you know.

  • There will be more remote and online instruction and learning in the future.

  • VR might be great for all kinds of "hands on" training; but can't replace the real thing.   I don't see it very useful in a physical classroom; more of a distraction there.  VR Games also keep kids from getting actual exercise.

  • For child it's not good but in some training like military operation, engineering and some hands on training useful. 

  • I've already seen it being used for Immersive Education, Virtual Field Trips, Virtual Campus Visits, Skills Training, and Language Immersion. Lots of great examples out there.