Education & Virtual Reality.

When it comes to Education what shall we see Virtual Reality Going?

  • I used VR in my first real world application the other day. One of the visual tests at my eye doctor was replaced by VR gear. Pretty cool.

  • I think anything that has a high rate of failure, or police, military doing maneuver's, anything to sharpen our senses,,,

  • With the combo of AI and VR I can only see good things on the horizon.

  • I hope not too much, though at the same time I'm sure the eventually there will be a big shift towards it. Though I see it much more common way farther on down the road with space exploration and space stations becoming a way of venturing even more into cosmos. Right now though I'm going to say adventures in educations like the Magic school bus into the human body lol. 

  • I can see it being really helpful when it comes to 3d objects. Sometimes it's hard to imagine something from a picture, but when it's 3d, you get to see it from all angles and maybe have the VR be interactive as well.

  • I think it will be really nice for classes that involve visiting places like sociology, history and geology

  • I homeschooled my kids for many years.  VR would have been a great additional tool to use if it were available then.  That being said, kids REQUIRE human-to-human contact multiple times a week.    Family doesn't count, nor does social media.

  • VR will probably be used of very specific education tasks. Hands on is always the best. The pitches I've seen over the years for engineering/construction are short lived.

  • There's some people in the Lenovo Education forum that are really against VR in the classroom for some reason. I can't wait  to see where it takes us.

  • It has the potential to allow kids that can't be physically in a classroom to still have a chance to attend school.