Describe Your dreaming Handheld Gaming System

Mine would include VR, AAA ports and exclusives and be no heavier than 4-5 lbs.

  • For me it needs to: be able to play any game I want, have a good battery to last about 10h, have a great ergonomic controller, be sturdy but light, and include video apps so I can watch downloaded content. 

  • Just needs to fit in my pocket. Everything else doesn't really matter. 

  • Easy to carry with can play every game which I want and price maybe in my limit. 

  • I was hoping Sony would make a new PSP type of device to pair with the PS5 but unfortunately the one they will be releasing is only meant to be used over remote play rather than running games on its own. I'd want a handheld that has an OLED screen, at least 1tb of space, ships with Windows 11, capable of running AAA titles, feels good in the hands, lightweight, and lastly it'd be cool if it had a magnetic accessory feature so for instance a better speaker could be attached or perhaps a camera. 

  • Mine would have good battery, very good specs, comfortable, high quality controls, be able to play any game, well optimized OS, as well as being light, and having lots of ports.

  • Good battery life, easy to carry around and smooth display

  • In my dream, the handheld gaming system is a marvel of technology and design, offering an immersive and versatile gaming experience.

  • I honestly think I'm fine with the current power level of the steam deck. I have enough of a backlog to get through that not getting to play newer games would be fine. I just really want a solid 8 hours of battery life on those newer games (think elden ring) when it currently seems to be at 2 hrs.

  • My dream system would continually recharge itself while being played, have the same performance as a water-cooled desktop computer, have great performance when plugged into an external display, be very durable, be upgradeable, and be able to play all AAA/VR titles.