Teacher Appreciation Week!

Tell me about your favorite Teacher?

Thanks to all the teaches, the Goddess and Gods of inspiration. Thanks.

  • Teacher in 11th grade AP English.  Treated us like adults which was a new experience.

  • kind of a cheat but my favorite teacher is my wife. She taught at a catholic school for many years and had to retire due to cancer. Many of her students still stay in contact with her.  She inspires me every day

  • My favorite teacher is...ME!  Kidding, kidding, but I do work at a local school as support staff in a classroom.  My favorite teacher is probably a toss up...my High School chorus teacher was one of those who just had a wonderful commanding presence..when he entered, you KNEW, even if you weren't looking up, because everyone's attitude changed..not out of fear, but out of "here comes a guy we should listen to" kind of vibe.  Jessel Murray is his name.  The other favorite I had was my Greek teacher..I was privileged to take 3 years of Ancient Greek in High School and the teacher was phenomenal.  It was basically a small class, never more than 10 kids each year.  I was the only one who did a 3rd year.  She helped me unlock my understanding of language and love for it.  Man...that stuff was over 25 years ago now...wow.

  • My favorite teacher is Mrs, Rice my math teacher in 9th grade she made learning fun.

  • My general teacher in third grade, Mrs. Button, is the teacher that has left the longest-lasting effect on me. She got me to no longer enjoy eating candy by constantly awarding it for everything. I 100% believe she is the reason I have never gotten a cavity. 

  • My favorite secondary english teacher. 

  • I forget if it was 11th or 12th grade, but my English teacher that year. He pushed us to developer our critical thinking and rhetorical skills and to expand our vocabulary and ability to express ourselves more effectively through written means. He was tough and demanding but at the same time fair and in a caring way because he wanted to help us grow by pushing us. A teacher that I always had the greatest amount of respect for.

  • Never really had one lol

  • I had so many great teachers. They're basically gods in my eyes.