Question about Legion m600 gaming mouse

So ....I going to start by saying, I haven't had a computer in 12 years . I recently bought a legion and with it, I also got a legion m600 gaming mouse wireless . So my question is there a way to display the battery life of it ,so I don't have to guess when to charge it ? I mean I know when its about dead it will blink red, but it would be nice to know look and see to charge when to charge it . So if there is a way to actually do that let me know and same if not .

  • Hey Nitemare!

    Yep, you can always check the battery life of the M600 in the Legion Accessory Central app

    The M600 has a beastly battery though - if you leave the RGB off, it lasts me for weeks at a time without charging Slight smile

  • dang dude, sounds pretty nice

  • Im going tu purchase this mouse, and i would like to ask if there is any way to enable horizontal scrolling via software?