Regarding Legion 5-15IMH05H RGB Keyboard Backlight


Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be able to buy the almighty Lenovo legion 5. However, it seems that I have a problem of which I couldn't find a solution, My RGB keyboard is always on and unfortunately Lenovo Vantage doesn't have the customization option for creating my personal profiles, I Have installed the latest BIOS not just that but I also entered safe mode and tried pressing fn+spacebar multiple times with no reaction at all, hence I was wondering on whether there is a solution for that where I can make it to be white backlight rather than colored.

Thanks in Advance.  

  • Hey Moumen!

    Just for clarity, Lenovo Support is always the best way to get fast answers to questions like these.

    That said, we help the best that we can here! I would make sure you don't have any pending windows/vantage updates, and also consider changing to a different version of vantage. If your Legion 5 has RGB keyboard options, you can definitely make it white instead. 

    Where you change the lighting depends on the year/model - for most Legions, lighting is controlled in Vantage. For others, you'll need another software like Corsair iCUE to do that :)

  • Hey Ben,

    I Have the latest version of Vantage as it's installed from the Microsoft Store, I have installed Corsair iCUE however it didn't detect the device, my Keyboard does have RGB as they are up and bright right now but it seems that I can't control or customize them, unfortunately, any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.