What are your favorite games that are movie/book/show adaptations?

Personally, I would have to go with the Witcher games. While I've only played the third installment, it is a game that is wonderful to play even if you haven't read the source material. With that said, it is also a game that mostly feels faithful to the book characters themselves, which is a nice surprise.

  • I have always liked the Star Wars games. The old Battlefronts though are what come to my mind. 

  • Many people may not know about this but they made a videogame about the movie Battle Los Angeles and it was actually really cool. Also World War Z is a very fun and under appreciated game imo.

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    rogue squadron on the gamecube was one of my faves

  • rogue squadron on the gamecube was always one of my faves

  • recently completed 'lonely assasins' a 'found phone' game on android. it's basically a follow on from the dr. who episode 'blink'. an absolutely brilliant little game.

  • Huge Diablo fan was and is my GOAT games for me and as I wasnt much of a reader back then, it was such a pleasure discovering Diablo books, it continued the fantasy while offline. 

  • Doom. I got goosebumps on the scene that looks like you're playing it.

  • Honestly The Phantom Menace platformer on PS1 is my favorite Star Wars game

  • For me, it's Witcher and Detroit: Become Human, the most interesting plot and gaming process.

  • Probably The Witcher, or Star Wars. Star Trek Online is alright as well, been playing that for years, and they get a lot of the actors from the shows, which is cool.