Which game did you buy and figure out you won't make it?

I got 3 hours into Elden Ring before turning it off and never playing again, left myself wondering if it's a little hard for meUpside downUpside down

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  • Hollow Knight is an amazing game but to 100% it is quite difficult. Just an optional thing though. Not sure if that qualifies for what you had in mind.

  • Bloodborne was so frustrating the first few hours dying over and over but I started getting really good until the last quarter of the game where I just couldn't get past an area and had to take a break. I have not gone back even though.I absolutely love the game. I keep convincing myself that after taking such a long break I am going to get run over unless I start playing from the beginning. One of my favorite From Soft games and an absolute gem of a game. I will finish it eventually. I have finished every From Soft game including Elden Ring.

  • sorry I just dont like dark souls.

  • Monster Hunter: Rise.

    I really can't stand how obnoxiously feudal Japanese themed it is. I'm not nearly weeb enough for it.

  • It can be super tough at first. Gets easier as you play more for sure.

  • crusader kings 2...say people playing crusader kings 3 and thought how different can it be and was so lost never loaded again.

  • Spelunky is just brutal and unfair. I am stubborn, so I shall be able to finish it, but that will be a ride I will not enjoy much...

  • I bought Elden Ring because of all of the hype that surrounded it. It was my first Souls game and I had no idea what I was getting myself into... Especially the first enemy you encounter when you first start playing. I raged quit after a multitude of deaths and thought I would never pick it up again. But now I'm 120+ hours in and I'm thinking of getting another Souls game.

  • Elden ring. It was just too much for a first souls like game. Not my style. I feel like my time isn't respected and I don't have as much to dedicate to games these days that I want to waste it on dying repeatedly.