Sleeping hours

After a long working day and finishing your earrings, how much time do you spend resting?
It makes me crusiosity, because lately I've been sleeping 4 hours a day to play with the compas and have a good time on Discord, but I know that somehow it hurts me to sleep little haha
I would like to know your opinions on the subject or recommendations :D

  • i work two jobs and have a newborn at home.  i try to get atleast 6 hours of sleep but even then thats difficult because of the newborn.  after getting home from second job at 9 i have to eat and relax a little before i shower and go to bed.  even after getting in to bed though i still end up awake for another hour scrolling through apps on my phone.

  • I sleep about 4 hours each day and it's eating me up! After work I spend time playing games, watching some youtube videos, etc. I just don't want to go to sleep and my gush it getting really tired these days. 

  • I can't sleep continuously for an extended period so I sleep twice a day for 4 hours each. I sleep in the afternoon around 3 and again around 1 in the morning. 

  • I would like to get 8 to 9, but it varies a lot. Less than 7 is usually bad...

  • I get 6-7 hours, usually wake by 4 AM. 

  • I get 6 1/2 to 7 hours of sleep. Less than that I wake up with a headache.

  • I usually sleep about 6 hours a night during the weekday nights, and a bit more on the weekend nights. And when I can, and occasional power nap for 20 or 40 minutes.

  • 7 to 8 hrs of sleep is better for your body and mind.

  • Due to my wife's work hours (mine are highly flexible), I get up at 3:45 every day, and then I'm in bed by 7:30 or 8:00. I usually will start to get restless around it seems like ~6 hours is my sweet spot.