‘Which is the best controller for Fortnite?’

‘Which is the best controller for Fortnite?’

  • If you're playing on PC I suggest using and learning a Xbox controller as it'll provide less of a learning curve and it's not that hard to connect and set up. If you're wanting to use a PS4 controller (unsure if PS5 is supported/has supported software yet) you can try DS4Windows. It can be a little painful to set up and learn but if that's what you're used to playing on then I'd give it a shot. These are the only two newer controllers I've used and recommend so if you have those available demo each and use whatever works best.

  • Keyboard+Mouse best option always

  • I don’t play fortnite but I would imagine anything that has programmable paddles on the back you could learn so wicked fast building with that

  • I only have played with Xbox controller bcuz my laptop can't handle Fortnite, but I like Keyboard + Mouse 
    But I don't have a keyboard to connecto to the xbox haha

  • Xbox Core Controller - Carbon Black is best choice and recommended for fortnite and it is the Wireless Controller with battery usage up to 40 hours. It's the best choice ever if you are playing for long hours without any disturbance.