What are your favorite snacks, drinks, or foods to have when you game?

I love food, who doesn't?

I usually have a variety of things to eat or drink depending on the game. Typically easy to eat/finger foods and snacks are the go-to along with really any drink I can find like water, juice, soda, etc. I make this post to see what you guys might have and maybe something new we can try.

I have a few requests for the comments of this post:

1. Please keep them friendly for everyone! If your entry contains adult-only foods or drinks, please refrain from including such content.

2. Feel free to drop recipes too! Some people have meals when they game which can make it a lot more interesting to learn about.

3. Please use the exact names of harder-to-find items to prevent the moderation of fishy links. (or just drop the website name instead)

I'm excited to see what all of your answers are Smile

  • I too love food! What are the odds?

    For me when gaming, these are my go-to's:

    • COFFEE
    • Water
    • Popcorn
    • Mixed Nuts
    • A rare Mtn Dew Zero

    I definitely don't have a caffeine problem... Smiley

  • Coffee Smiley

    Soda and Mixed Nuts sometime. 

  • Those are some really nice choices, might try coffee more if I'm able to, the popcorn and water is relatable Smile

  • I don't often have soda at home but when I do it's usually Dr. Pepper, wbu?

  • Uhm Coffee, and coffee, and more coffee, and coffee. Did I mention coffee? Then coffee

  • Dyzzle loves coffee so much that he gives me coffee while he's drinking his own coffee

  • I saw some comments relating to coffee, drop your fav brands, types, recipes, or whatever under this comment!

    Since I'm not that creative yet...my currents have to be hazelnut at home (don't know the brand of coffee) with sugar and then a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks if I'm out. It's been hard for me to find the sweet spot as my stomach doesn't handle coffee well but I'm working on it Sweat smile I learned cold brew is supposed to be great for sensitive stomachs so I'll have to consider it at some point

  • I give you coffee while I lose the VIP :c 

  • Hazelnut and Cappuccino Vanilla are my favorites, but I love all forms of coffee, cold, hot, with or without sugar/milk, I'll drink it anyways, coffee is life for me D:

  • Ideal - Blue bottle coffee - Giant Steps, with some piping hot Liege Waffle .  Real -  Day old Drip Coffee and some Chezit.