What are your favorite snacks, drinks, or foods to have when you game?

I love food, who doesn't?

I usually have a variety of things to eat or drink depending on the game. Typically easy to eat/finger foods and snacks are the go-to along with really any drink I can find like water, juice, soda, etc. I make this post to see what you guys might have and maybe something new we can try.

I have a few requests for the comments of this post:

1. Please keep them friendly for everyone! If your entry contains adult-only foods or drinks, please refrain from including such content.

2. Feel free to drop recipes too! Some people have meals when they game which can make it a lot more interesting to learn about.

3. Please use the exact names of harder-to-find items to prevent the moderation of fishy links. (or just drop the website name instead)

I'm excited to see what all of your answers are Smile

  • Coffee Smiley

    Soda and Mixed Nuts sometime. 

  • I don't often have soda at home but when I do it's usually Dr. Pepper, wbu?

  • Me and my wife are more on Coca-Cola Products Smiley

  • Me and my wife are more on Coca-Cola Products Smiley

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