I Love Lenovo LEGION

What is your reason for loving Lenovo or LEGION?


  • I like the Durability they are build GOOD.

  • Good product with durability and affordable price

  • The Legion is the first computer that I bought myself and it is beautiful compared to my last. The quality is 10x better than what I had before and Im proud that I saved the money to buy it.

  • I love Lenovo for that fact that they are touch-screen, dependable, long-lasting, and affordable at all budget levels.

  • We all know laptops with their minimal airflow can take a beating, especially with next-gen GPUs cranking out the heat. I've been so impressed with the durability of the hardware and at a great price point.

  • I’ve only had one Lenovo.  An old business laptop and build quality was superb.  I’m really hoping to score one of these giveaways because I need a gaming laptop.  I love the Legion aesthetic.  I’ve only gotten to monkey with them at Best Buy and Costco but so far, I love their design and build quality.

  • Quality, Reliable Laptops and good support.

  • Their products are of high quality and are well thought out before public introduction. They listen and incorporate the public wants or needs in successive product roll outs.

  • I honestly felt like it was a great value with an excellent choice of components and options.