PS3 rpg/jrpg games that u recommend

After 3 days i repair my old ps3 slim and found some old games like dragon dogma, naruto, nino kuni star ocea, and FF X.

What other games with good story recommend to add to the collection :D

  • There were quite a few good rpgs during the ps3 era. Some of my favorites were Dragon Age Origins, Final Fantasy XIII, Resonance of Fate, Lord of the Rings: War in the North, Elder Scrolls IV, Deus EX Human Revolution, Persona 5, Diablo 3, Tales series and my favorite of all time Mass Effect 2. Obviously some of these were ported to PS4 and in some cases are the better version like Persona 5 for example.

  • If you haven't played it, the original Skyrim is a must play.  Probably one of the defining games of this generation of RPGs.