What is your gaming-related "Dream?"

I know the title sounds cheesy, but bear with me here. 

When it comes to gaming, what are some of your biggest "dream" moments in the future of your gaming?

Is it:

  • "I want to build the most decked-out battlestation to fully enjoy my games"
  • "I want to be a fulltime content creator for gaming"
  • "I can't wait for Virtual Reality to hit Ready Player One levels of immersion"
  • "I want the next MMO to completely suck me in and make me waste my life (in a good way)"
  • "I want to go pro in Esports and become the best in the world at my game"

What's your take on this question?

What's your pipe dream in gaming's future?

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  • Great one! What types of games do you find are best for that? I would think things like MMOs and other multiplayer games work the best. It's sometimes tricky to find multiplayer games that make it easy to chat casually without getting wrapped up in the competitiveness. 

  • As I have recently gotten into games more than I used to, I am still learning games I like. Usually, I play a game and then get into conversations and then use the game to chat up people who are willing to talk. Growing up, I only played games with friends and find it hard to play by myself.