Video games that you want it to be made as a TV series or a movie

Recently I had been trying Monster Hunter World and I just found out that there is a Monster Hunter movie made couple years back. A youtuber I was watching said it's not really that good movie which was unfortunate.

Anyway, it just made me curious that what are some of games you played or play right now that you want it to be adapted as a film or a tv series. I know that there this video games usually don't turn great when they go on a screen, like Netflix's resident evil, etc but with some success on Sonic movies and Super Mario movie there might be a hope?

Or maybe reboot/remade a games that made a movie (like assassin's creed, WoW, resident evil).

Personally, I would like to see Warhammer series or Halo made as a TV series. I know that there are some Halo movies out there but not just a bit and pieces or a fan service but a whole thing. 

  • Elden Ring could be a cool series 

  • I was going to say, "Uncharted".  I had forgotten — they released Uncharted¹ in 2022.

    I guess the next-most obvious choice: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  But, how would they cover that massive story?  I think I'm asking for a LOTR-style, 3-movie epic — each with a 3-hour runtime.

    What do you think?

    ¹ Uncharted (2022) stars Tom Holland, as Nathan Drake, and Mark Wahlberg, as Victor "Sully" Sullivan.

  • Legacy of Kain series. But if other game to film/show ventures are anything to go by they'd screw it up completely. However, give Amy Hennig full creative, directive, and writing control over it with no executive meddling? It might actually be good!

  • Mass Effect would be a thrilling sci-fi series. 

  • GTA V would make a great TV series due to its storylines and complex characters. Having three characters with very different stories, issues, and backgrounds would be so interesting. Franklin's life in the hood, and Michael with his family drama lol. Also, the shooting, heist, and car chases would be amazing. It will be a great action series, for sure. Most AAA games would make great series. Most of them have amazing storylines. They already feel like whole movies!

    Interactive games like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human would make excellent movies because of their complex emotional storylines. That's why I love interactive games. You get to play, make your own choices, and shape your character and story. We have movies of "Resident Evil", "Uncharted", "Sonic the Hedgehog", and "The Last of Us," which are great! I haven't watched any others yet. Any recommendations?

  • I'd have to agree with Mass Effect (already suggested). Red Dead too. Time for a fun Western series! 

  • I think that the Infamous series, Dragon Age series Tomb Raider series and Mass Effect series would all make excellent TV series. Then for movies, I would love to see a God of War, Dark Souls or Vampires Masquerade movie. I think Vampires Masquerade would work well in a TV series too. Injustice got a DC Comics animated movie and I think could make a good full action movie if the right actors were casted.

  • I think you could do quite a bit with the Starcraft franchise.