Video games that you want it to be made as a TV series or a movie

Recently I had been trying Monster Hunter World and I just found out that there is a Monster Hunter movie made couple years back. A youtuber I was watching said it's not really that good movie which was unfortunate.

Anyway, it just made me curious that what are some of games you played or play right now that you want it to be adapted as a film or a tv series. I know that there this video games usually don't turn great when they go on a screen, like Netflix's resident evil, etc but with some success on Sonic movies and Super Mario movie there might be a hope?

Or maybe reboot/remade a games that made a movie (like assassin's creed, WoW, resident evil).

Personally, I would like to see Warhammer series or Halo made as a TV series. I know that there are some Halo movies out there but not just a bit and pieces or a fan service but a whole thing. 

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