Video games that you want it to be made as a TV series or a movie

Recently I had been trying Monster Hunter World and I just found out that there is a Monster Hunter movie made couple years back. A youtuber I was watching said it's not really that good movie which was unfortunate.

Anyway, it just made me curious that what are some of games you played or play right now that you want it to be adapted as a film or a tv series. I know that there this video games usually don't turn great when they go on a screen, like Netflix's resident evil, etc but with some success on Sonic movies and Super Mario movie there might be a hope?

Or maybe reboot/remade a games that made a movie (like assassin's creed, WoW, resident evil).

Personally, I would like to see Warhammer series or Halo made as a TV series. I know that there are some Halo movies out there but not just a bit and pieces or a fan service but a whole thing. 

  • Love that series, never thought of it as a show. I'd lean towards a movie franchise on that one.

  • Deus Ex would be an incredible series

  • There are a lot of possibilities but I'd like them to just continue the Halo series and make season 2 of that.  Far from perfect but it was up to a decent start and I enjoyed it and would like to see its continuation.

  • There actually was a Vampires Masquerade TV series back in 1996. I really enjoyed it, but sadly it only had eight episodes. SobKindred: The Embraced - Wikipedia 

  • Nice! I was a manga made from Elden Ring. I haven't look at it yet but TV series would be interesting!

  • I mean some of movies' didn't do well. I'm not really sure how Uncharted did in 2022 but if they ever reboot it (like Tomb Raiders) things like this I want it to be made more than just a fan service but actual well made movie or TV series. 

    Grand Theft Auto would be fun if they could do something like Breaking Bad style like semi serious and funny!

  • I will be honest, we need more sci-fi series!

  • Speaking of which, I am kind of surprised they didn't make a film on God of War! That would be epic if they could do it right! But then again.. really need to choreographer for each fights and how would they fill stories for it.. hm..

  • Oh my gush! I didn't know they made a Halo TV series! Thanks! I will watch this during the long weekend! :D

  • Yeah, I think with great writing GTA will be a great TV series! There are lots of interesting characters and background stories and they could throw in some iconic stuffs as a fan service too!

    There are some movies like Silent Hill but I heard that it's story is different from the game. But I enjoyed the first movie (it doesn't really connect well to the second one though). I also heard Witcher series is pretty good as well!