The state of E3

So E3 was nixed in 2020 due to the pandemic, was online-only in 2021, was cancelled last year in 2022, and yet again this year reportedly due to a sufficient level of participation from companies. Do you miss how things used to be in the old days with the interest and intrigue surrounding the event? Do you think the writing is on the wall and E3 is done for good at this point? Might there be other events that may step in to fill a potential void left by its absence?

  • we'll have the smaller shows but e3 as a spectacle seems to be dead again for at least a few more years. Always sad, since e3 was basically peak videogames every year as a child. Before the internet, it was always E3 and the super thick videogame magazines that  came after covering the event that was just an amazing time... so much news that you had to buy several of them to actually see it all because it was nearly impossible to cover everything. My nostalgia for those times will always be something to cherish, because it will never exist again.

  • Sadly, the era of E3 is over, but it's no longer needed. Just look at Sony's last State of Play. They do not need E3 to make big announcements since they are more than capable of bringing the attention their games deserve. We also have events like Summer Game Fest which not only show AAA titles but also give the spotlight to indie developers. 

  • Which begs the question, why would Summer Games Fest be any more relevant than E3 then? What would make it successful where E3 has faltered?

  • Summer Game Fest happened because E3 and Gamescom canceled 2020. It also has the advantage of occurring right next to Steam's Next Fest which allows players to play hundreds of demos including some that were shown during Summer Game Fest. Since Summer Game Fest has a stronger indie showing than E3 they can take full advantage of this.

  • E3 from what I've heard was costly for exhibitors. Now they can control the message with their own teams by going directly to the consumer. So I totally get it for Xbox Showcase, Nintendo Direct, and State of Play. But State of Play this week was sort of the epitome of why E3 was kinda cool and superior to PS's event.. State of Play basically just announced games that were everywhere with like maybe one exception which was kinda lame. 

  • I'm not sure E3 is really needed anymore now that all the studios are being bought and  consolidated under 2 companies that already host their own events.

  • I feel like more niche gamer trade events may pop up, but I think E3 is dead. Companies can now do their own events, save a lot of money, and not have to share the spotlight.