What are your favorite game soundtracks?

What are your favorite game soundtracks, and why? Are there any that you have saved on your playlists or regularly listen to?

  • My favorite genre is RPG, I usually listen to a Spotify RPG playlist while I'm working. Chrono Trigger and Cross have great soundtracks and the nostalgia is big for CT. I also love all the Final Fantasy soundtracks, with 10 probably being my favorite. Some lesser known older RPGs that also have music I love are the older Gust series like Ar Tonelico and Atelier Iris.

  • The newest Tomb Raider games have great soundtracks, like really well composed music that also works well as ambient listening music.  Also the Sims and Civilization games have always had interesting soundtracks, maybe not all the tracks are good but some of the songs are really catchy.

  • Oooo I'll be paying attention to this thread cause I need more recommendations Slight smile

    Personally I love the Ori series soundtracks, both games have amazing scores and I love to listen to em while working!

  • Command and conquer instrumental tracks! Just lay one of those bad boys in the background, and it’ll help me boost my productivity!

  • The Tony Hawk games fo sho! I still have a copy of the THPS4 soundtrack around here somewhere. Slight smile

  • I own the four disc soundtrack for FFX because I love the music so much. I always liked the epic rock music in Doom as well.

  • Anything with Shoji Meguro is always amazing. His work on the Persona series has had some of the best music in gaming. 

    Other games I like would be Bastion, Transistor, Pokemon Gold/Silver, Bioshock Series, and LocoRoco (they made their own language for this). 

  • Final fantasy 14 shadowbringers has the best and original songs along with remixes.

  • Genshin Impact got some slapping tunes.

  • I like Detroit become human soundtrack