Does anyone else listen to music while gaming?

Or is it just me?

  • It depends on the game. Something like Apex or Overwatch I need to have the sound cues. Some other games I definitely will. It's fun to have my music running in the background for racing games, fighting games or Omega Strikers. Something like Wipeout already has an amazing soundtrack so I'll leave that one be. I need to make a better playlist with no skips. Sweat smile

  • I like to listen to the game's music while playing.

  • I always listen to some music if I know I am going to grind at a particular MMO or finish my daily objective for the game. However, if the soundtrack within the game sounds great, then I go along with the flow of the soundtrack. 

  • It definitely is not just you, probably the majority actually. For me it depends on the game, like in games where I need to hear what is going on I won't have music on. But in things like fighting games I will listen to music, for these game types I get more focused while listening to music somehow. 

  • If I am playing a game that doesn't need me to listen for sound, or doing a boring part of a game, then I listen to music. Sometimes the music can be distracting though.

  • I do at times.  Other times I listen to the game’s noises.

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  • Listen to music? I watch youtube videos while playing! 

  • i do like to listen while playing fps but also i hate that i can't hear important audio sometimes, so it's definitely a sacrifice.

  • If the game is kinda afkable, I'll watch videos in another window. If not, I want to listen to the game sounds so I know what's going on around me.

  • I like listening to the game OST... unless it's really bad..