What is a particular food that you dislike the most?

 Out of curiosity, I wondered if anyone here has a specific food/dish they despise the most. Is it taste? Texture? Smell? Or something else you can not stand? Also, why is it so? 

  • Mine is a fruit. Its papaya. I can't stand the smell or the taste. I would rather eat Durian. 

  • Thought “ok.  He doesn’t like papaya.”  Then saw you’d rather have Durian.  “Ok.  This dude HATES papaya.”

  • I used to like Sushi but recently I started hating it. Something about the smell has started to bother me

  • Don't really care for brussel sprouts. I've tried them a few different ways and it boggles my mind how people rant and rave about them. Don't put that on my plate.

  • I find oysters so disgusting. Their texture, alone, is enough to gross me out completely. Nauseated face

  • I don't care for mayonnaise. Something about the texture and the smell just scream out "yuck" to me.

  • Tuna, or the smell of it anyway not so much the taste as I can eat sushi fine. I guess the reason may be in part because of a chemical called trimethylamine. This chemical is produced by bacteria that break down the fish proteins. Some people have a genetic condition that makes them unable to break down trimethylamine in their bodies, so they can smell it more strongly and feel nauseous or sick.

  • I really dislike sauerkraut. It's the smell and the taste.

  • My girlfriend tried to get me to try balut - which is a Filipino delicacy ... fertilized duck egg, aged 14-21 days. I couldn't even get past the idea, let alone the smell. I wouldn't know about the taste or texture, I just couldn't do it.