Late at night or early morning?

So...I find that I stay up late to game but that I could just as easily go to bed early and get up early and game in a quiet house undisturbed. Anyone do this? Any opinions on why or which is best? Certainly when my online guild is available matters, but what about other days?

  • I just enjoy late night gaming more. There is something nice about gaming in the dark with headphones on

  • I am also a massive fan of gaming late into the night simply because my online friends are more active than during the day/afternoon. However, I usually game late during the weekend, mostly because I have to attend to my studies at my university during the weekdays. Lastly, being able to chat/play with my friends during late-night hours also brings a sense of enjoyment. 

  • I usually work out in the mornings, so it's rare for me to game thenI also play almost exclusively co-op games, and it's just easier to game at night when most people have a 9-5 job. 

  • At some point it really becomes the same thing. I game late into the night and early morning before trying to survive off too little sleep Slight smile

  • Late night for me. It's simply because during the morning it is just too tired for me to do anything.. Haha, I actually begin prep for my work commute like 25 min before I left for work..