Smooth launch for D4? Paying for early access or cheaper day 1 patch?

Seems like D4 (those with early access) seem to have little issues with connection this time around from Blizzard. Do you think its worth paying/preordering for a smooth early access game or waiting, and getting a cheaper game but a day 1 patch? Would you prefer a format (PC or console) if one had a smoother experience or would you wait for a patch to stay on a specific platform?

  • I'm glad there don't seem to be many (any) issues. I think it's a sad state of affairs that this is how low the bar is set now though. We used to celebrate or critique a game based on that actual game itself. Now we celebrate when the game launches without a bunch of bugs.

  • Diablo is one of those games that matters little to me, as long as the crossplay works well. I would use a controller regardless of platform. I do agree with Anthony though, because of that in general I do not preorder or buy on release anymore for PC. Even on console its rare enough since there are not many games I am not willing to wait for a sale price down the road. Things like l cyberpunk have shown console may be less buggy, but it's not immune to the issues.

  • I crashed 3 times in the first 8 hours of playing and was able to immediately get back in without a queue. The only reason I pre-ordered this game was because I like the series. After playing the beta I had enough confidence to trust the final product. I won't be doing this with any other game though. 

  • I wouldn't count on connection issues not being a problem when the general public gets access to the game. Error 37 has been seared in my mind. I don't expect to be able to play the game consistently for at least a week.

  • Generally I would wait. Games nowadays always seem to be a buggy mess on release. Not sure if it's worth the headache to go through all these issues. From what I've seen, it's been a little laggy and crashes sometimes. Not terrible compared to what we've seen recently.

  • I'd wait for a patch to play stably, preferably on PC.

  • Had 1 disconnect and couldn't log in for 5 minutes. But if that's the worst, I'd say they've done a really good job thus far. For me, paying for early access was worth.