Best easter egg in a game?

Arkam city map in arkam asylum

halo 2 scarab gun

super Mario bros in dying light games

  • I liked finding the Ark of the Covenant in BloodRayne.

  • Loved that Easter Egg.

  • My favorite easter egg still to this day is the Ghosts n Goblins music easter egg in Megaman 7.They way to find it for those who haven't found it is to hold down B button while choosing Shade Man from the stage select menu. I believe you can only do it on the SNES version but I may be wrong so you would have to find a SNES console and the game to do it.

  • You never forget your first one...

  • Ik about mantis and old man only

  • Skulls were cool i think they count

  • Ik about the upside dwn dungeon nd cow stuffs in diablo but nt that

  • Dont wory alot of them r from yt lol

  • Wat no way i need to play then