F1 23 vs Forza Motorsport

How do you feel about the new F1 23? Do you plan to get it or wait for Forza Motorsport?

I want a new racing game and have always been a fan of the Forza Motorsport series. But the F1 23 does look pretty good and I don’t know when Forza will come out. Just hate to get into a racing game when I will definitely get Forza anyway.  What are your thoughts

  • Same, but different. But still the same.

  • Wait for forza but see what new changes will come

  • I will get the F1 23 and Forza. If the game is fun it doesn't hurt to have them both.

  • I like F1 23 it is great with my setup

  • No NFS? F1 is okay I guess! I'm just not great at racing games lol

  • Waiting for more reviews of F1 23, and Forza when the new version comes out.

  • I like both F1  and Forza games but tend to like Forza games a little more. F1 games remind me of the 2K and EA sport games where it's almost copy paste from year to year with minor changes. Forza games are usually different enough from their previous games to keep me engaged longer. I am really looking forward to Forza Motorsport. My go to racing game right now is Gran Turismo which I have been playing in VR with a T150 racing wheel. I really need to upgrade my wheel but it does the job for now.

  • These games iterate. They incrementally improve year over year. Some years the improvements are more impressive than others but usually they are decent.